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Given only the topic “sharing personal media” and a technology timeframe of 5-7 years in the future, my team designed a media sharing system for group travellers. Although the system has several components, we focused on a large collaborative surface where travellers could organize and share photos, video, text, and other media.

Called ShareSpace, the surface is intended for use during the social time of the trip — in the evenings at the café or bar, a chance to collectively reminisce about the day’s events. ShareSpace encourages social interaction and builds an enduring collective memory of the trip.



  • Researched current product trends and technological developments.
  • Quickly moved from almost a hundred product ideas to one concept, based on a shared set of explicit values.
  • Performed user research using a variety of ethnographic methods.
  • Created detailed user profiles and scenarios of use.
  • Designed and tested several iterations of the concept.
  • Designed and tested several iterations of the product function, form, and interface.


Innovation & hot design topics

  • The product explores group work in a social setting, an under-explored area in interaction design.
  • We took a systems approach to the problem, designing a family of interconnected and networked products.
  • By focusing on the context of the user, we were able to design a much more compelling product than had we focused merely on features.


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